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Who can join WWOOF Australia?
Anyone over the age of 18 can join WWOOF. WWOOF Australia members can be of any nationality.
Volunteering in exchange for keep (basic food and and simple accommodation) is the basis of all WWOOFing.
Time spent volunteering varies according to the degree of self-sufficiency expected, how busy we are at the time of your visit and other factors - but it should average out at about a half day's help for a full day's keep. We suggest that 5 hours a day of stay is fair exchange for a days full board and accommodation.
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The benefits WWOOFing at Jerrapark gives you
- to assist and help to set up a model for sustainable living (it is a bit of pioneering)

- first hand experience of organic and bio-dynamic growing methods, reforestation, land healing by helping us with our projects

- a chance to meet interesting people. Talk, reflect, learn and exchange views about sustainable living with our interns and students

- an opportunity to be part of a permanent learning process on the way to be self-sufficient and sustainable

- if you stay with us for three month, you are entitled for a second working holiday visa

Length of Stay
The minimum stay at Jerrapark is ten working days.
The maximum stay is by mutual agreement. In general we are interested in long term stays.


The Work
The work you will do is diverse. As more skilled you are as more interesting work we have for you. Also it could be anything needs to be done you are capable of.
You work at Jerrapark at set hours and we start early in the morning (avoiding the heat of the day).
This list gives you an indication of some of the more common tasks:
mowing, mulch collecting, compost making, gardening, weeding, clearing lantana, grounzel, crofton weed, retaining wall building, tree planting, fire wood cutting, building, saw cement making, feeding our chooks, fruit drying and preservation, painting, tool and equipment maintenance, and lots more ... the "to do list" is never ending.
What you need and what you should know
For sure you need your own warm sleeping bag, linen and your pillow.
We do not provide blankets, bedding and linen.
You have to bring good working shoes and working gloves to protect you during work.
A hat against the sun and rain gear is essential (as we work also in the rain).
LED head-lights for the dark and also a First Aid Kit and insect repellant (we suggest RID). You stay in a tent (Jerrapark supplies a tent if you do not have your own).
The diet is basic Vegetarian with no dairy products. You have to prepare your own meals.
There is no electricity in our WWOOFing setting, only limited 12 V (DC) for lights. You can use your laptop or mobile phone if you have a 12V DC charger. The reception of mobile phones is very poor and only Telstra and Optus are working.

And we need to say this...
We are sooo unexcited about guests who need the presence of a supervisor in order to be motivated, a mom in order to clean after themselves, an enforcer in order to honour their commitments.
And something else: Comming to the Rainbow Region and want to stay at Jerrapark to use drugs (illigal and legal once), want to hang out all night or party we will not tolerate this.
If any of this describes your needs, it gives us joy to tell you in advance that you will be far happier elsewhere.
Likewise, if you are more interested in cheap shelter and be fead than in sustainable living, Jerrapark is not the place for you.
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